1. Coverage applies only to standard-type aircraft in which I am acting as pilot-in-command or whilst I am receiving instruction.
  2. Coverage only commences once the premium and the signed Application Form has been received by Dennis Jankelow & Associates.
  3. Coverage is limited to losses which are covered under the Hull All Risks policy applicable to the aircraft (the Hull Policy) or which would be, save only for any Deductible provision contained therein.
  4. The amount payable in the event of a claim shall be the lesser of the Deductible applicable under the Hull Policy, or the cost of making good the loss or damage, but not exceeding the Sum Insured hereunder.
  5. Coverage excludes: a. rotorwing aircraft, unless the product ordered is “Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing”. b. aircraft with a maximum take off weight (MTOW) of less than 450kg; c. (in respect of aircraft in which I have a direct, traceable, ownership interest) losses arising whilst the aircraft is being taxied or flown by a third party, or in the case of rotorwing aircraft, whilst rotors are in motion. d. losses, whether or not covered under the Hull Policy, which arise from any form of abnormally hazardous flying such as, but not limited to: i. aerial application of water, seed or chemical of any description ii. game work of any type iii. undersling work iv. powerline or pipeline patrol v. aerial survey of any type, including telemetric vehicle tracking (not excluded for fixedwing aircraft) vi. racing, record attempts, speed trials or aerobatics vii. experimenting with or testing new parts (other than replaced standard parts), new devices or new designs; e. losses arising from the giving or provision, by me, of any flying instruction; f. losses arising as a direct or indirect consequence of my having breached applicable civil aviation regulations, rules or requirements.
  6. Notice of any event likely to give rise to a claim to be given to Dennis Jankelow & Associates within seven days of the occurrence or all coverage hereunder shall be forfeited